Dream - Explore - Admire

Pangaea Travel is a privately owned Adelaide-based travel agency specialising in personalised, boutique and luxury travel.

Here at Pangaea Travel, we believe that luxury is in the experience, which means that we are fully committed to giving you your dream experience.

From your imagination to reality

Our agents are able to modify any itinerary to suit your individual budget, needs and desires.

We take the time to give you the trip of a lifetime no matter where in the world or for how long you plan to travel!

We have relationships with hundreds of suppliers around the world, from hotels to tour operators and airlines, allowing us to get you the best possible deals. Being privately owned means that we can provide flexible and unbiased guidance on a large range of travel products and service.

At Pangaea Travel, we endeavour to redefine your notion of what travel can be.

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to go above and beyond your expectations, ensuring that extra “something” that will leave you with an unforgettable, enduring holiday experience.

Helmed by a team of seasoned travellers, Pangaea Travel captures the very essence of exploration, adventure and discovery. With expertise in food, culture, adventure and history, Pangaea Travel peels away the layers of its handpicked destinations with an unparalleled level of authenticity.

Let's see the word instyle-together.

Pangaea Travel’s specialist team of Tour Directors and on-the-ground Travel Guides are constantly traversing the globe in order to provide seamless, authentic and luxurious holidays beyond your imagination.

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